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The New York Power Team is the largest monthly meetup personal growth and leadership community in New York. We have been meeting since 1993, initially as a mastermind community after an Unleash the Power aka UPW event. We are still going strong.

As a community, we empower our members to lead inspiring, authentic and fulfilling lives. We are a fast growing group, filled with leaders and luminaries from every walk of life. We focus on growth and mastery in 6 core areas of life:

1) Business/Career/Financial
2) Relationships – Personal and Professional
3) Emotional Well Being
4) Intellectual/Mental/Learning
5) Health/Fitness/Healing
6) Spiritual/Contribution/Ethical

🦃 The NYC Basket Brigade 501C3 Nonprofit – Delivering meals to families in need. Each year, we feed well over 250,000 people in need across NYC and Westchester.

Eventbrite & Meetup.com – NY & NJ PowerTeam Meeting Details. Go here to access the upcoming events.

For information about our monthly meetings calendar in NYC or in NJ, sign up at our Meetup site:

You can read reviews there, see pictures, and learn about our past speakers as well as upcoming meetups.

Our main website which we are in the process of updating is: http://NewYorkPowerTeam.com

You can also sign up to our NYPowerteam mailing list by clicking here: http://eepurl.com/j8DXH

In addition, we have established communities on social media for our members to engage in conversation with each other.

Connect with us on Facebook:

NYC: http://www.facebook.com/groups/NYPowerteam/
NY Power Team Facebook group

NJ: http://www.facebook.com/groups/NJPowerteam/
NJ Power Team aka “NJ Unleashed” Facebook group


Learn more about our virtual peer-coaching and momentum community Success Circles. If you are a growth-minded entrepreneur, get daily implementation support and accountability toward reaching your goals by way of a 1-on-1 huddle.

For close to 20 years, we have been a primarily referral-based community, with many of our members saying that we have been their “best kept secret.”

Our programs connect members with a Momentum Team and/or a Momentum Buddy, who share complementary values and are also committed to personal and professional growth. The Momentum Buddy “Huddle”​ Calls and Momentum Team 90-Day Accelerator have been responsible for over 6000 successful momentum pairings. We have enabled hundreds of entrepreneurs and coaches to cumulatively reach over 5100 inspiring goals and empowering habits since we began in 2005


Virtual Peer-coaching and Mastermind

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The New York and New Jersey PowerTeams